About Us


Womencrafts has been an iconic institution with the mission to represent art and literature by women since 1976.  Lesbian owned and operated for 40 years, Womencrafts is one of the oldest shops in Provincetown.  The shop currently showcases over 100 female artists, 1000 books, and finds our mission as politically and culturally necessary today as it was when we first opened.  You can find socially conscious bumper stickers and buttons, finely handcrafted gifts, wedding bands, thank you cards, and much more.  Our shop is filled with affirmative language, images, books, and art that supports, educates, and welcomes all.

Womencrafts is also one of the twelve remaining feminist bookstores in the country.  That number is startling in its starkness; however it emboldens us to reaffirm our commitment to books.  We cannot overstate the importance of bookstores as a physical and interpersonal space.   Whether you are looking for a book for the beach or the bedroom, you will find everything from a well-curated selection of New York Times best sellers to local poetry and early feminist writings.  We host a feminist book club that meets monthly yearlong, and weekly in the months of July and August.  Please feel free to check out our calendar and join us if you are in town!womin

As the proud, new owner (since 5/15) I would also like to emphasize that Womencrafts is a relationship.  It is a relationship to the work of all the women who have come before us, between the customers and artists who grace our space, and to the future feminist readers and socially minded shoppers.  I am inspired by the shop’s history and excited to keep it dynamic and relevant for generations to come. Michelle Axelson

Handcrafted by Women for Everyone